How do I get a job as a tanker welder ?

You have a passion for welding. You'd like to be a welder so you can work in this profession. This may be of interest to you. Find out here what it takes to become a tanker welder.

Seek training !

Welding, like any other job, requires proper training. Thus, the training must be complete and quite fastidious, as it requires the use of heavy and dangerous materials. You can go to this link to better understand. The welder is in charge of assembling 2 pieces of metal in a durable way so that the material can be seen continuously. Thus, to become a tank welder, it is necessary to follow professional trainings. The CAP and the BAC pro are the bases to have for a complete formation. 
In addition, in order to get the hang of it and to gain more experience, the welder must do practical training. These internships can be done in the army as a tank welder. The trainee, if he wishes, can have another specific training on tanks. He might have a chance to be recruited as a tank welder by the Chief of Staff. Everything will depend on the seriousness he puts into his work and his skills. The internship can also be done in an industrial structure. In this case, the trainee has the possibility to apply in workshops that repair tanks. However, the principle is the same. He must have a good base, be competent and meticulous in his work to hope to be hired later.

The importance of having good welding tools 

After the training and internship, you are ready to find a job as a tanker welder. However, it's not enough to just have the degree and skills. Welding is a manual job that requires the use of specific tools. 
So you must have your basic equipment. There are different types of welding machines. Each one corresponds to a particular process such as the gas-arc welding machine. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the metal to be assembled to know which type of machine to use.