How to learn to play the piano for the first time?

The most popular instrument in the world is the piano, also called keyboard. It is a musical instrument that is very easy to play. To give a hand to those people who want to learn to play the piano, we will give you some tips to follow. Read the following paragraphs to learn them.

What are the mistakes to avoid when learning the piano alone?

Although the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn, there are some mistakes you should not make, especially when it's your first time. So the first thing to do is to put all your awareness and know that it can have difficulties. You must absolutely motivate yourself, and set yourself the rigour, discipline and regularity.

Moreover, there are many mistakes to avoid. We will just list those that are important to know. Indeed, you should not buy just any piano. There are several types of pianos with different functions. The best solution is to choose a synthesiser/keyboard. The second major mistake to avoid is not following the fingerings. The piano is played with five fingers and each finger should play a note or key. The third mistake is to skip the steps. This mistake is often made by those who are in a hurry to master everything immediately.

Other Very Important Things to Know

It is advisable to learn the piano with a master or coach. It is possible that you will understand certain concepts without the need for a coach. However, it is better to have a mentor to improve quickly. To play alone, you need to untie your fingers, work on your left or right hand. Then you should try to play scales simultaneously with both hands, play in several octaves, compose chords or play on chords, learn and play on affordable pieces. If you have developed a taste for playing on your own and want to go to a higher level, you should take lessons on learning the instrument.