Jobs and employment in art and design

From the invention of objects to the improvement of the user experience of a product or service through the optimization of space, there are many fields in which designers are involved. This is often not the case for artists, who are generally in a precarious situation and are mostly called to work in parallel in teaching and cultural mediation. Want to know more about these two categories of actors, read this article.

Designer, interior architect, graphic designer

Although they are both creative, the artist and the designer do not, however, practice under the same conditions and their professional issues are quite different. Indeed, affiliated with the House of Artists, sculptors, painters, photographers, video artists depend only on the sale of their artistic services, their works and obtaining copyright to live. For more info, check this out. The visual artists are welcomed, in any case for the most part, in ''residence'' in establishments or artistic structures. Thus, they are given a grant and a professional framework (workshop) for months on end. Unlike the artist who has a great freedom of expression, the designer creates on order. That is to say that he must meet the requirements of the client while respecting a defined specification.

Creating, designing: a difficult dream

In France in particular, authors of various kinds, painters, graphic designers, visual artists, etc., register with the House of Artists. This consequently makes artistic careers more fluctuating. However, the opportunities in design are much more interesting, especially in the fields of space design, graphic design, digital design, product design and transportation. Indeed, the design sector is composed of enough structures that are specialized in the conception of projects adapted to the expectations of their clients. Contrary to the artistic field, the designer is versatile to conceive projects in different fields such as web/digital, visual identity, packaging, experience design, etc.