Some Chinese wholesale supplier sites

You want to buy goods from China, but you do not know how to find suppliers? To help you, here are some websites of Chinese wholesale suppliers.


Alibaba is a very important international website in the field of online trade. It is one of the largest B2B e-commerce sites in the world. You can findalmost any product you need. Indeed, Alibaba website has greatly opened the doors of trading Chinese factories and products to the rest of the world. It is a platform that works only as a marketplace. That is to say, the products are available, you browse them, if you are interested in a product, you contact the supplier directly to negotiate sales conditions.


DHgate is a Chinese sales site where you can find cheap products. This site is ideally good for beginners, so if you don't have enough experience in selling and buying Chinese products yet, this is your space to start the good deals online. As you know, doing wholesale shopping online is not an easy thing. First, you need to know the reliable selling sites and then the buying process. However, with this site, it becomes simple, you just have to select your suppliers and then make an agreement with them. It should be noted that this process takes a little time.

Ali Express

This sales site is also talked about internationally, it is also ranked among the best sales sites. Moreover, it is owned by the Alibaba Group and this is what makes it successful. Ali Express focuses on consumer orders as well as small wholesale orders. This site works in a slightly different way when it comes to pricing. As the quantity of the product increases, the unit price decreases.

Here are some sales sites that you can tap into very quickly and easily to find orders or wholesale goods. You can already start by using them