Tesla stock on the stock market: everything you need to know about the listing and price

Every creation has a story. The history of a certain car brand marks generations with its economic evolution. First created in 2003 for sports use, the electric car changed ownership in 2008 due to lack of investment capital. Then, in 2009, the new owner decided to invest in something other than car manufacturing: energy. How has the company's economy fared since then?

The company's stock quote

Indeed, the brand's placement in energy did not immediately help the company's situation. On the contrary, it is well noted on https://arya.xyz/en/blog/markets/tesla-stock that it caused big losses amounting to $184,000,000 in 2015. After several investments, it was only in 2018 that the brand made a profit of $ 312,000,000. This favored in the month of July 2020 its categorization in the first stock exchange place in the automotive field. But before that, it is necessary to specify that from the year 2018 to 2019, the company's performance went simply from $21,000,000,046 to $24,000,000,057. The said company therefore experienced a loss of $862,000,000, or 11.7% in 2018, but the stock price changed in 2019. This rubbed off on the following year. As a result, in 2020, thanks to the sale of cars and the sale of energy sold to the companion companies, the company had a profit of $721,000,000 with a stock market capital of $800,000,000,000. In summary, the stock market price went from $17 in 2010 to $884 in August 2020.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Not only is the brand's fame based on its automobile manufacturing, but it also continues to grow through generations due to its creative ability and endurance despite economic losses. This attracts more investors. However, the company may experience losses again as it unveils its plans for success. In this case, it is advisable to seek expert advice before investing.