Wedding decoration : how to decorate an outdoor reception ?

In the manner of surrealists, more and more newlyweds are taking nature as a privileged setting for their nuptials. A modern sofa, curtains that swing quietly in the branches of trees, old furniture that host candy bars in the meadows, what could be more original than an outdoor wedding decoration ? Tempted by the idea ? Here is how to make it your own.

A themed outdoor wedding decoration

Who says outdoor wedding decor has to be traditional, or worse, completely bare? Even without walls and ceilings, you can afford any theme and style. By the way, get more info here.

From the most rustic to the most contemporary and the most retro, the key is to keep an overall harmony. By integrating modern and design furniture, you will give a very contemporary effect to your wedding reception. On the contrary, with old furniture of old inspiration, found in a flea market and restored for example, the vintage decoration is assured.

A successful marriage inside and out

Even outdoors, the decoration of a wedding must convey an impression of conviviality, of the cocoon in which your guests will feel well throughout the day and/or evening. For this, furniture alone is not enough. To give the impression that the place is inhabited, create real living scenes.

Objects nonchalantly placed on the furniture, filled shelves, a forgotten coffee cup... Even the buffet of the wine of honor and the one of the ice creams at the end of the evening can be served on old period furniture or on the contrary, on a very modern furniture.

Rethink the objects

For the sake of well-being and conviviality during your outdoor reception, propose to your guests a wedding decoration integrating small indoor objects. They will then enjoy a certain intimacy while remaining in the open air. For example, hang curtains from the trees that will sway in the wind, curtains to create a separate smoking area, or even better, an original photo booth.