What do you need to know about single hole bathroom taps?

A bathroom faucet is an accessory used in a bathroom to control the water supply. It can come in a variety of forms and have one or more holes. It is easy to install, but not so easy. Find out everything you need to know about single hole bathroom taps here.

Single hole bathroom faucet: Features

The single hole bathroom faucet is a very useful bathroom accessory. As the name suggests, unlike the faucet with battery attachment, its installation requires only one hole in the sanitaryware. Easy to handle, with a system where cold and hot water pass through the same hole. It consists of a single spout, a single control lever and a flexible hose associated with a shower head. You can continue reading this.

Benefits of the single hole bathroom faucet

The single-hole bathroom faucet is just another bathroom accessory, but you'll be amazed by its many benefits. It is one of the indispensable elements in a bathroom worthy of the name. With only one control lever, it allows you to adjust both the water flow and temperature with one hand. The single hole bathroom faucet is economical, easy to handle and easy to maintain.

Installing the single hole tap

Installing a single-hole bathroom faucet is not that easy. It is done in different steps namely: - Prepare the installation: This will involve cutting off and draining the water supply system in your bathroom - Prepare the fittings: This step is considered a pre-installation. It allows you to check and fine-tune your settings before a final installation. - Faucet installation: Once the settings have been made, you can now proceed to the actual installation of your faucet - Faucet testing: Re-open the water supply system to ensure that your installation is working properly.