What should I know about installing plugins on a Minecraft server?

To optimize your Minecraft server, the use of plugins is an indispensable asset. However, you should already be able to install them on the server. For you who still don't know how to proceed, this article is what you need.


How to install plugins

There are several essential steps to follow when installing plugins on your Minecraft server. To learn more about these steps, click here now. Indeed, in order to install plugins on your Minecraft server, you must first access the server by logging in. To do this, open the control panel, log in and then download a jar server. Then you can proceed to install the plugins.
In fact, to do this, you need to open the Plug-ins tab. Once this step is done, search and then select all the plugins that you intend to install on your Minecraft server. 

Then press the "install" tab. For most of the plugins, the installation is done directly. However, you should know that the installation of some plugins requires the installation of another plugin. To find out if the plugin to be installed has this characteristic, you will need to consult its data by clicking on the "more information" button. Once the installation is finished, you can restart the server.

Some examples of Minecraft plugins?

One thing is to know how to install plugins on your Minecraft server. But another thing is to know which plugin to install. Here are some examples of Minecraft plugins:
- The Essentials plugin: it allows to improve the functions of a Minecraft server.
- The Vault plugin: it predisposes the Minecraft server to the installation of new plugins. It allows you to install a framework to ensure the proper functioning of other installed plugins.
- The WorldGuard plugin : this plugin protects the Minecraft server. Also, it allows to review the game settings.
- The QuidBoard plugin: allows the creation of dashboards. It ensures the management of a multitude of placeholders.

All in all, these plugins can boost the functionality of your Minecraft server.