Why start a business in Hong Kong?

To create a company, one must choose a favourable environment. Hong Kong is one of those cities that offer huge advantages to those who want to create businesses or companies. Discover the reasons why you should start your business in this place.

The advantages in terms of economy

Starting a business is a way to make a living doing what you love while providing services and getting paid. However, in order to set up a factory, you need to know where to do it. To do so, primasia.hk offers you the opportunity to discover a special place.

For a company creation in Hong Kong, you have several advantages including economic ease. Indeed, Hong Kong is the gateway to China. You will be located in one of the largest markets in the world. The area is the most populated in the world. This remains an advantage for the sale of your products. Moreover, the city is not on the OECD's black list of tax havens.

Advantages in terms of taxation

On the tax level, there are also advantages to create your company in Hong Kong. For the territorial taxation, there is no tax on the companies which have their activities outside Hong Kong. There are also no customs fees and the salary charges are quite low. These are the advantages that you have in terms of taxation.

Advantages at the banking level

In Hong Kong, there are large and solid international banks. You can therefore go through them for your transactions. It is easy to get bank cards for easier transactions. Online banks are as efficient as physical banks. Therefore, you will not have any difficulties in banking transactions.

The advantages of jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of Hong Kong is based on transparency and efficiency with a fairly optimized business registration process. All the documents you will have to fill in are in English, so you will not encounter any problems.